April 28, 2017

This is my first post to my friends describing how I felt around two weeks post op. The collage (which still makes me smile) is from the many flowers and cards I received following surgery.


Thank you to my many, many friends and “framily” who have started on this odd, auspicious, yet hopeful, journey with me. It’s been 11 days already and it feels like it’s been just two. Whereas I used to take pride in solving tough business challenges, today I enjoy the smallest victory of being able to crawl up the stairs in our house almost as fast as my smallest dog (if I only allow him to use two legs instead of four)! But mostly I garner tremendous strength from my faith and the kindness you all have shared with me…from the cool socks, to the yummy-and-completely-unhealthy snacks, the necklaces, the Lourdes water that I sprinkle on every day, to the stunningly beautiful flowers that lifts the spirits of everyone in the house and of course the fun and crazy cards and texts! I fear that I won’t be able to thank you all individually, but please know that each and every expression is so greatly appreciated! Warm regards.


Some of these may be a repeat, but I feel the need to do so.

  1.  Use your medication to stay ahead of your pain.  This can’t be over-emphasized.
  2. Give yourself a break.  Even if you feel good, you’re going to be tired.
  3. Keep visitors to a minimum unless you need it to feed your soul.  For me personally, I always enjoyed visitors but once my friends left I realized how much energy it took for me to visit with them.  I felt like I had to make sure that they knew I was okay.  It became exhausting.
  4. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get thank you notes and thank you cards to people right away.  Most won’t mind at all.
  5. Rest. Rest. Rest. And then, rest some more.

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